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“Sweet Home Bhaktapur "

is located perfectly central in the heart of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, just in front of the Royal bath and behind of the 55-Windows Palace.
It is a Deluxe Tourist Standard Guesthouse in Bhaktapur Durbar Square.
Although "Sweet Home Bhaktapur" is a deep bow to Nepali tradition and culture, you will also be treated with all modern amenities including luxurious  rooms, modern bathrooms, as well as 24-hour electricity, hot water and free wi-fi.“Sweet Home Bhaktapur” has well appointed rooms and suites that have attached baths with hot and cold shower and multi-channel TV. The “Boudha Stupa Roof Top  Restaurant” serves delicious Nepali, Italian, Chinese and Indian as well as continental food and homemade Rakshi (traditional distilled alcoholic beverage in Nepal). The trained staff will welcome you warmly in Nepali style and will make sure your stay here is perfect.


Bhaktapur is with more than 81.000 inhabitants the third and smallest of the three Royal cities (Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur) of Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.
It is situated at the river Hanumante and just like in Kathmandu there's a former trading route to Tibet, which was the reason for the city's wealth.
The impression of the city is determined by agriculture, pottery and especially by a lively traditional music scene.
Because of more than 150 music- and cultural groups, Bhaktapur is also called the capital of performing arts in Nepal.

Allover the city, which is UNESCO-World Heritage since 1979 you can see monuments (most of them in terracotta), palaces, temples, gilded roofes and shrines.
On top of that Bhaktapur is surrounded by mountains and offers mesmerizing views on Himalaya.
The oldest part of the city is located around Dattatreya Square although the centre is today the Durbar Square.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

The city of Bhaktapur is just 7km east of the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and because of this very accessible for international travelers. The popular destinations of Nagarkot, Suryabinayak, Sankhu, Panauti and Namobuddha are all just a short drive away. Guided hikes and bicycle hires are also available.
Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the plaza in front of the Royal Palace of the old Bhaktapur Kingdom. It is one of three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. All of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The Bhaktapur Durbar Square is located in the current town of Bhaktapur, which lies 13 km east of Kathmandu. While the complex consists of at least four distinct squares (Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square, Dattatreya Square and Pottery Square), the whole area is informally known as the Bhakapur Durbar Square and is a highly visited site in the Kathmandu Valley.
At Durbar Square you can find the 55-Windows Palace which was constructed by King Jitamitra Malla and was home to the Royalty until 1769. It is now a National Gallery. Close by is the Golden Gate which leads into Mulchok Court which is home to the Taleju Temple. This temple, like others in the main towns of the Kathmandu Valley, is dedicated to the goddess Taleju Bhawani and includes shrines to both the Taleju Bhawani and Kumari. Entrance to the temple is restricted to Hindus and the living goddess strictly cannot be photographed.
The Durbar Square is surrounded by spectacular architecture and vividly showcases the skills of the Newari artists and craftsmen over several centuries. The Royal Palace was originally situated at Dattaraya Square and was only later moved to the Durbar Square location.

Dattatreya Square

East of Durbar Square, only about 10 minutes by foot there is Tachupal Tol, also known as Dattatreya Square. The main attraction on this square is the Dattatreya Temple, which is dedicated to the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This is very rare and there are only a few sacred sites like this in Nepal.

Taumadhi Thol

Only a bit south from Durbar Square there is Taumadhi Thol. Here is probably the most important temple of the town, the Nyatapola Temple. It is one of the very few temples with five roofs worlwide. It was built in early 18th century under the reign of King Bhudatindra Malla and it is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi. On every roof there are some bells that ring in the wind, altogether there are 168 bells. On the eastern side of Taumadhi Thol there is another temple, the Bhairav Temple.

Potter's Square

Only a short way in direction southwest of Taumadhi Thol there is the Potter's Square. There are many terrasses with potters sitting and working. The art of pottering in Bhaktapur is since centuries passed on from one generation to the next.